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At M&M Law, LLP, Attorney Amy Matuszak and Attorney Ellen Matyas understand that life after divorce can bring about unforeseen changes that may require adjustments to existing agreements regarding child support, placement, custody, or maintenance. Our experienced family law attorneys are here to guide you through the post-divorce legal process in Wisconsin with compassion, expertise, and dedication to protecting your rights and well-being of your family.

  • Placement and Custody Modifications.  As children grow older or family dynamics evolve, the initial placement and custody arrangements established during divorce proceedings may no longer suit the best interests of the child or the parents involved. Whether you are seeking modifications to placement schedules, adjustments to legal custody arrangements, or resolving disputes over parental decision-making, our skilled family law attorneys are dedicated to helping you achieve solutions that prioritize the welfare of your children while protecting your parental rights.
  • Child Support Modifications.  Life circumstances such as changes in income, employment status, or the needs of the child may necessitate modifications to child support orders. In Wisconsin, modifications to child support can be pursued if there has been a substantial change in circumstances since the initial order was issued. Our attorneys can help you navigate the complex legal requirements and represent your interest in seeking or contesting modifications to child support obligations.
  • Maintenance (Alimony) Modifications.  Changes in financial circumstances such as job loss, retirement, or remarriage may warrant modifications to spousal maintenance (alimony) arrangements following a divorce. Our attorneys can assist you in evaluating whether a modification of maintenance is appropriate under Wisconsin law and advocate for your interests in negotiations or court proceedings.

At M&M Law, LLP we recognize that post-divorce legal matters involving child support, placement, custody, or maintenance can be emotionally challenging and legally complex. Our team is committed to providing personalized legal guidance and strategic advocacy tailored to your unique circumstances. Whether through negotiation, mediation, or litigation, we are prepared to fight for your rights and the best interests of your family every step of the way.

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If you are facing post-divorce legal issues in Wisconsin, do not navigate the process alone. Contact Attorney Amy Matuszak or Attorney Ellen Matyas today to schedule a free consultation. We are here to provide the experienced legal representation and compassionate support you need to move forward with confidence.

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